Happy 87th to my Mama

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My Mama
I am thinking of my mama,
and all she has done,
She Loved us all,
with out cost or due.
For those who see tired,
my mama has won,
But for my Mama's achievements,
many without a clue.
Mama has given,
mama has taken.
But most of all Mama has loved,
and taught without breaken.
Mama's code we learned
as we seek our paths.
Her cheers and excitement,
when we face our wraths.
My mama's years come clear,
she has built along with dad.
A line that will move forward,
taken on new fears and not being sad.
As I solute my Mama and her loving way,
I remember her love to so many.
I thank you mama for doing your best,
I can say thanks if I haven't said it already.
Thanks Mama I know,
this is a bit premature,
I wanted you too read it,
just too be sure.
Before we must endure ---,
You got my message for my Mama.
I love you.
by David R Thomas

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